Some notes about 2.15.4

Hey there,

In case somebody else wants to hit his head against a wall^W^W^W^W^W
smoketest 2.15.4, here are some quick notes from this afternoon (with
the modulesets from )

 + I didn't build ekiga, but it should be possible. We have to whitelist
   opal in the smoketest script, I guess

 + I still have a compiling issue in iso-codes, but I fix this by
   changing the lines causing an error to:
     p = make_parser(["drv_libxml2"])

 + we need a new pygtk release or to use GTK+ < 2.10.0:

 + we need a patch for gnopernicus or ship with 1.0.4:

 + I had difficulties for system-tools-backend because I don't have the
   perl dbus bindings installed (and there's no package for dapper???).
   It will be fixed in the next tarball, but it doesn't block us from
   using the current one.

 + jhbuild doesn't seem to know that liboobs is required for

 + gnome-session requires a new gnome-control-center. New
   gnome-control-center means that we should use libxklavier 2.91. Which
   means that we need a new gnome-applets release. Yay for API changes
   (AFAIK, maintainers are rolling tarballs for gnome-control-center
   and gnome-applets now)

 + looks like we'll need a new gnome-mag release since LT_VERSION is
   wrong (Frederic knows more about this)

There are many tarballs that have been released after the deadline. I
can't give a figure since the archives are broken...
There are some changes (like the gnome-vfs ones) that would benefit from
testing, so I'd like to use some of the late tarballs (if not all).

What do you think?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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