Re: Some notes about 2.15.4

Let's cc d-d-l. Please, everyone, let's make our lifes easier for the
next release... I don't have any real figures, but a bunch of modules
was released late, which is not helping for smoketesting.

Le mardi 11 juillet 2006, à 17:55, Vincent Untz a écrit :
> Hey there,
> In case somebody else wants to hit his head against a wall^W^W^W^W^W
> smoketest 2.15.4, here are some quick notes from this afternoon (with
> the modulesets from )

(I need to update the modulesets)

Ah, this is probably one of the funniest release I made... Still
ongoing, AFAIK:

 + gnopernicus needs a new release. Or we'll release with 1.0.4.

 + gnome-python will have a new release soon so that it compiles with
   latest gnome-vfs tarball.

 + gnome-settings-daemon crash at launch :-) (libxklavier bug)
   We can either disable the critical crashers for this release or find
   another funny solution.
   What's worrying me here is that it can mean nearly nobody is running
   CVS HEAD...

 + new at-spi release for po/LINGUAS fix?

 + should we include gnome-vfs-monikers in the release? I guess yes, but
   nobody added it to jhbuild, so we don't know if/where it's needed.

 + what about liboobs? gnome-system-tools depends on it. Is this being
   included in the desktop or is it a blessed dependency? I'd go with
   adding it to the desktop...

2.15.4 will not be released before tomorrow. Since the ftp-release-list
archives don't work (or maybe the mails don't reach the list, I don't
know), if you're releasing a tarball that we're waiting for for 2.15.4
(ie, gnopernicus, gnome-python, at-spi), please ping me so it can be



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