Re: GNOME and GStreamer


> I haven't written an app that uses the GStreamer API, but at least
> within Novell we have had a lot of trouble with each minor release of
> GStreamer.

(I'm assuming you mean micro release, right ? Of which we've had only
three over the last three years, iirc)

>   Plug-ins change, apps break, and we must figure that out and
> update them [this may also have to do with the fact that the Suse side
> rearranged the plug-in packages several times over the past few
> years...].  I don't know if this is "just bugs" in the plug-ins or
> something, or genuine core breakage.

I feel we've been very careful in the 0.8 series.  I've seen pretty much
*no* reports from Novell/Suse users - either that means they're not
there, or they're not reporting to us.  If you've handled Novell bugs
for GStreamer, why didn't we see them ?  I'm sure a lot of trivial
issues could easily have been fixed.  Sometimes it needs a little
"inside knowledge" to get things going.

Personally I've always been frustrated by the lack of understanding on
my part of SuSE/Novell - I feel it is a world on its own :) I've had
some correspondence with the packman packager, but that's about it.

Anyway, I don't think we've been worse at this than anyone else, modulo
of course the bugs that are inherent in the system, which we fix by
working on a new stable/minor release.  As an example, I've had to
edit /usr/bin/firefox to disable pango backend when updating gtk from
2.6 to 2.8.  Who knows why my fonts were completely gone :)

Feel free to make sure bugs land in our bugzilla for suse so we can look
at them ! We can't fix the bugs we don't know about.


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