Re: gedit string change #2

Danilo Šegan wrote:
Hi Paolo,

Today at 17:18, Paolo Borelli wrote:

	here is the second and last request for a gedit string change in
response to the UI review: it was requested that we add a menu item to
clear the highlighting of search matches since just using a keyboard
shortcut it's not discoverable.

I was hoping that you would also group all the changes together :(
That would be easier for translators to update as well (instead of cvs
up-ing, editting and cvs ci-ing twice, they would have done it only
once; at least those who have been quick).

Yeah, I see your point that's why I was holding on the first fix for a couple of days... When it became clear I didn't have the time to fix bugs actually involving code, I decided to at least ask for approval for the first trivial change. This afternoon Steve came to the resque and provided a patch for this issue so we decided to ask for this second string break.

Anyway we now should be done. All the rest can wait for 2.16.

Thanks for your patience.


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