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Equipment & Systems Engineering Announces New
Sales to Population Service International

EQSE's Relationship With World's Leading Nonprofit
Social Marketing Organization Continues to Expand
Each Year.

Equipment and Systems Engineering, Inc., a leading
manufacturerand global supplier of on-site sodium
hypochlorite generation systems for water sanitation,
today announced the sale of two additional Aquachlor
water sanitation systems to Population Service
International (PSI), the leading nonprofit social
marketing organization in the world.

The units will be used to provide safe drinking water
for thousands in rural Myanmar, which is now one of
the poorest countries in the world following the 1962
military takeover that has impeded foreign investment
and economic growth.

"PSI has developed into a banner client for EQSE's
Aquachlor Business Unit, with the purchase of more
than a dozen water sanitation systems on average each
year," said Jose T. Masis, EQSE's CEO and founder.
"PSI has installed these units in such developing
nations as Zambia, Haiti, and Madagascar -- and
continues to order additional supply on a regular
basis. In fact, we are now filling a current PSI
order for two more units to be installed in

About PSI

Founded in 1970, Population Service International is the
leading nonprofit social marketing organization in the
world, harnessing the vitality of the private sector to
address the health problems of low-income and vulnerable
populations in 70 developing countries. PSI deploys
commercial marketing strategies to promote healthier
lifestyles and directs programs in safe water, disease
prevention, nutrition, family planning and HIV/AIDS
across the globe.

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