Re: gedit string change #2

Hi Paolo,

Today at 17:18, Paolo Borelli wrote:

> 	here is the second and last request for a gedit string change in
> response to the UI review: it was requested that we add a menu item to
> clear the highlighting of search matches since just using a keyboard
> shortcut it's not discoverable.

I was hoping that you would also group all the changes together :(
That would be easier for translators to update as well (instead of cvs
up-ing, editting and cvs ci-ing twice, they would have done it only
once; at least those who have been quick).

> Hope we met Danilo's ultimatum :)

Ok, you've got me here, so here is your i18n approval.  :) 

And now I am really entering much more strict behaviour for string
freeze breakages, we are only 3 weeks from release now!


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