Re: gedit string change

Danilo Šegan wrote:
Hi Paolo,
Since it's a result of UI review, and only a single message, here
is my i18n approval.  Though, tommorow UI review changes will lose all
the benefits as well, and I plan on approving only the critical fixes ;)
Committed, thanks Danilo.
As already indicated, translations for "panel" and "pane" differ in
many languages, so this is not a simple spelling mistake: don't remove
the fuzzy markers!

Well, the reasoning was that a "cat" is still a "gatto" in italian no matter how we call it in english, so a translation should use the word that means "that ui element that is on the side of the window" no matter if we called it "pane" or "panel". If the tranlation needs to be changed it means that the translation was wrong in the first place. But anyway, editing all po files is not fun, so not touching them is less work for me :)

It's all good.


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