Re: gedit string change

Hi Paolo,

Today at 11:09, Paolo Borelli wrote:

> 	as a part of the ui review we identified some small tweaks which
> require string freeze breakage.

Since it's a result of UI review, and only a single message, here
is my i18n approval.  Though, tommorow UI review changes will lose all
the benefits as well, and I plan on approving only the critical fixes ;)

> Since it's already late and our available time to dedicate to gedit
> seems very little in these days, I thought to at least go ahead and ask
> for approval with the following trivial patch.
> In fact while we change the english string (substuting "Panel" with
> "Pane" for HIG compliance), the translations should not be affected.
> If the patch is approved, should I edit the po files myself to remove
> the "fuzzy" or should I let translators handle that?

As already indicated, translations for "panel" and "pane" differ in
many languages, so this is not a simple spelling mistake: don't remove
the fuzzy markers!


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