Re: Nautilus: string/UI freeze approval request

Le vendredi 17 f�ier 2006 �6:44 +0100, Christian Neumair a �it :
> The attached patch adds support to Nautilus for ejecting unmounting
> volumes from within the target directory. It was already approved by
> Alexander Larsson [1], and requires string and UI freeze breakage
> approval.
> Proposed modifications
>  * Add new UI items for mounting/ejecting/unmounting/formatting volumes,
> marked for translation, displayed in the file menu, background context
> and location button/label context menu if applicable.
>  * Reorder tree view context menu "Properties" and "Unmount" entries to
> fit to with the newly-introduced order. Alexander is concerned that this
> may invalidate previously taken screenshots.

If documentation people are happy with this, then you have one approval
from me for the UI changes. I'm sure of the conclusion for the string
change, but you'll know better than me what it is ;-)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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