Requesting string change approval in gnome-utils

Hi everyone.

I'm requesting an approval for changing and adding some strings in
gnome-utils, inside the gnome-dictionary application.

The relevant discussion is attached to bug #331031 [1], but the gist is:
if gnome-dictionary finds a file inside $HOME/.gnome2 with the same name
of the directory that is uses to store its data, it quits with a warning
printed only on the console.  Older versions of the dictionary (around
2.0, but it's not sure) created such file, so people that have been
upgrading since that time will now have the dictionary close without
warning unless they launch it from the console.

The patch attached to comment #10 of the bug report adds an error dialog
asking the user what to do (delete file or close), and another couple of
error dialogs; specifically, the most important addition is:

+message = g_strdup_printf (_("Unable to create Dictionary data directory '%s'"), data_dir);
+detail = g_strdup(_(
+  "There already is a file with the same name.\n"
+  "\n"
+  "If you did not create the file yourself, you can safely remove it. "
+  "If you are not sure, you should close this dialog, check the contents "
+  "of the file and then remove it manually before launching Dictionary again."));

which replaces the string:

-g_warning (_("Unable to create the data directory '%s': "
-             "there already is a file with the same name.  You "
-             "should move the file and re-run gnome-dictionary."),
-             data_dir);

There are also these newly added strings:

+ _("Unable to remove stale file '%s': %s"),
+ _("Unable to create the data directory '%s': %s"),

where the first format string holds the file/directory name, while the
second holds the error message as returned by g_strerror().

Since the patch has not even been applied to HEAD yet, I'd also like to
know if the wording of the message sounds right or if I should change




Emmanuele Bassi - <ebassi gmail com>

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