Re: Requesting string change approval in gnome-utils

Le samedi 18 f�ier 2006 �5:54 +0100, Emmanuele Bassi a �it :
> Hi everyone.
> I'm requesting an approval for changing and adding some strings in
> gnome-utils, inside the gnome-dictionary application.
> The relevant discussion is attached to bug #331031 [1], but the gist is:
> if gnome-dictionary finds a file inside $HOME/.gnome2 with the same name
> of the directory that is uses to store its data, it quits with a warning
> printed only on the console.  Older versions of the dictionary (around
> 2.0, but it's not sure) created such file, so people that have been
> upgrading since that time will now have the dictionary close without
> warning unless they launch it from the console.
> The patch attached to comment #10 of the bug report adds an error dialog
> asking the user what to do (delete file or close), and another couple of
> error dialogs; specifically, the most important addition is:

Dumb question: isn't it simpler to just use another name now? We didn't
yet release a stable version with this code, so changing the name now is
not breaking anything...


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