Re: String addition to gnome-terminal

fre, 17,.02.2006 kl. 18.02 +0100, skrev Danilo Šegan:
> Hi Josep,
> Today at 17:18, Josep Puigdemont wrote:
> > This is like allowing to break string freeze and not giving
> > translators the chance to fix it...
> > I think the decision should either be to leave the string out, or to
> > officially break string freeze.
> No, it's not.  Having 100% translation is useful for more things than
> show-off: 
>  - it's easier to notice new strings/string changes!
> (this is important for the same reasons we have a string freeze at all)
> Legalese is pretty hard to translate, and that's why I didn't approve
> the change (i.e. it's likely to skew the stats).  And it's commonly
> binding only if it stays in English (at least for GPL, even if we
> generally mark such passages for translation).
> Of course, it means that our process is a bit flawed, but until
> someone comes to fix it (i.e. devise another way to detect string
> freeze breakages), this is the best I can think of.

I'd like to see something like:

- every day (during string freeze) generate a fresh .pot file for all
modules (already done by the status page thingy)
- diff it with yesterday's version and if any of the msgids have changed
post a notice of changed strings to a list
(string-freeze-break-list gnome org)?
- let translators subscribe to this list to get the news instead of
relying only on the status page for this

Would this work for the other translators?


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