Re: gtk-engines 2.6.x for GNOME 2.14

Em Sáb, 2006-02-11 às 17:09 +0000, Thomas Wood escreveu:
> This is to confirm that the gtk-engines team have decided that, in light 
> of the recent issues raised on various mailing lists, and our own 
> assessment of the progress we have made towards the goals for 
> gtk-engines 2.8, we would like to suggest that GNOME 2.14 uses the 2.6.x 
> series of gtk-engines.
> We have had some excellent feedback and testing from our 2.7.x 
> development series by it being in the current GNOME 2.13 releases, and 
> we'd like to thank everyone for their help and comments. However we feel 
> that because of a number of unresolved issues, including the speed, 
> appearance, and general completeness, we cannot recommend it be included 
> in the GNOME 2.14 releases.
> I will be reverting jhbuild to use the gnome-engines-2-6 branch for the 
> 2.14 module set. The HEAD branch of gtk-engines should be used when the 
> 2.16 module set is created.

Any chance of adding the clearlooks engine from 2.7 with a name like or 
(the default theme, "Clearlooks", would still be based on the 2.6


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