Re: Upcoming tasks -- need everyone's input


Le lundi 30 janvier 2006 �1:58 -0700, Elijah Newren a �it :
> Hi everyone,
> So, there are some upcoming tasks we need to look at, the first of
> which needs an immediate answer:

Late is better than never (I hope).

> - New module consensus; needed today so that we can put the modules in
> the release.  As per
>, we need to decide
> on this.  From,
> I think gnome-power-manager's consensus was the only one that was
> questioned.  Given Davyd's & Ryan's strong opposition (and maybe
> Alan's; can't tell if he was opposing it with his comments or not)
> this seems not so clear to me at all, though I think there were a few
> more behind it than not.  What is everyone's opinion of what the
> general consensus was here?

I don't know what decision was taken. I'm not against it, but waiting
for the next release might be a good solution too (so the issues can be
addressed). Including it now might help g-p-m get better, though :-)

> - The release is approaching rapidly and we need someone to oversee
> the creation of the release notes.  George Wright volunteered to work
> on these (
> and Davyd has done lots of work here in the past and may well head up
> the actual work.  If not, we can probably find someone on
> marketing-list to work on this, as we'd like to delegate to them.  So
> we probably just need someone to check on this and make sure people
> are working on this.  Any volunteers to do so?

I'll contact George and Davyd.

> - is a bit out of date;
> for example, Murray is still listed in a few places.  I can clean
> those out, but can everyone add their names to things they can or are
> willing to help out with?  In particular, the freeze break approval
> and making releases jobs should probably include nearly everybody's
> name on the team.

Hrm. What worries me is that we've not done some of the items on this
page: I wanted to push the usability people to make UI review, eg.

While I think nearly everyone in the team should be listed for nearly
all items, I believe it's good to have someone in particular who will be
ashamed if a task is not completed in due time ;-)


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