Re: breakage caused by removed icons from gnome-icon-theme


Rodney Dawes <dobey novell com> wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-02-05 at 15:04 +0100, Christian Persch wrote:
> > Le samedi 04 fÃvrier 2006 Ã 23:14 -0500, Matthias Clasen a Ãcrit :
> > > On 2/4/06, Christian Persch <chpe gnome org> wrote:
> > > > The latest gnome-icon-theme release has removed the "gnome-spinner" and
> > > > "gnome-spinner-rest" themed icons, causing breakage in (at least)
> > > > epiphany, nautilus, gedit and beagle. Other people have told me that
> > > > other removed icons also cause problems in nautilus and deskbar-applet.
> > > > This removal needs to be reverted.
> > > 
> > > Do you have a list of those other removed icons ?
> > 
> > I downloaded the 2.12.1 and 2.13.6 tarballs from ftp (you can see from
> > the size differences alone that it's a huge removal, 2.12.1's .bz2 is
> > 3MB, and 2.13.6 only 2MB!), installed in different prefixes, and did a
> > bit of find + diff magic, and the result seems to be that 187 icons
> > names that are in 2.12.1 are not in the 2.13.6 install either as regular
> > file or symlink (list attached).
> But this list does not show which icons are in active use. It simply
> shows a list of files that were removed. I guarantee that there are a
> lot more than 187 icons in gnome-icon-theme that aren't even being used.

153 of the removed icons are gnome-mime-* icons which are used
automatically as mime type icons from libgnomeui's gnome-icon-lookup.
Same for the gnome-fs-* icons, partly by libgnomeui, partly from
nautilus. Nautilus also uses some gnome-dev-* icons. And the spinner
icons are used widely, epiphany + nautilus + gedit + beagle (at least).
That accounts for most of the removed icons already, and I just checked
a few of the gnome core desktop modules that I have checked out; I
didn't even check any third-party applications!


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