Re: External dependencies -- hicolor-icon-theme and epiphany

Il giorno mar, 19/12/2006 alle 11.24 -0700, Elijah Newren ha scritto:
> Hi Luca,
> I noticed that you updated
>; we'd
> prefer that such updates follow the process listed on that page.
> Could you send an email to d-d-l requesting that the
> hicolor-icon-theme external dependency be bumped to 0.10? 

Wooops, sorry, I didn't read that only release team can upload

I've yet sent email[1] to d-d-l. Maybe nobody seen it due to the spell
checking thread :-( 

Sorry again, I wrongly applied the silence-approval principle.

>  I doubt
> there'd be any reason to object, but it will allow us to more
> carefully check further dependencies and changes as well as making
> sure that everything gets updated -- not only on that page but in
> jhbuild, garnome, and hopefully the various distros.

I update jhbuild contextually to ExternalDependecies page on wiki. I'll
open a bug about garnome.

PS about apps versions: gnome-system-monitor HEAD no longer requires the
pcre package. Could we restore it for GNOME 2.18


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