Re: break request for gtkmm

On 8/21/06, Elijah Newren <newren gmail com> wrote:
On 8/21/06, Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com> wrote:
> Le lundi 21 août 2006 à 06:47 -0500, Jonathon Jongsma a écrit :
> > Hello release-team,
> >
> > Murray released the new stable version of gtkmm (2.10.0) a bit early
> > since he was going on a 3 week vacation.  Apparently it got released
> > with a typo in the new API, so we now have
> > gtk_button_get_image_position wrapped by
> > Gtk::Button::set_image_position.  Is it OK to fix this issue?  And if
> > so, can I get somebody from the release team to roll a new release
> > after I make the change since Murray's out of town? (I don't really
> > know the GNOME release procedure and don't know if I have permissions
> > to upload the files to even if I knew how to do it).
> >
> > See Bug #352088 for more information.
> Approval one of two.

Ouch, nasty typo there.  ;-)  Approval two of two.

Great.  I've made the change and bumped the revision.  Is somebody
available to roll a release?  I ran make distcheck here and everything
seems OK, so all that needs to be done is to make the release.  Any



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