Request for freeze break -- feature & string freeze for 2.14.x cycle


Yeah, I suck.  I know alarm bells are going off and this looks pretty
bad.  However, the focus behavior for programs launched from a
terminal unfortunately appears to be really badly hated (yes, this
only affects users using a terminal).  Ubuntu has already patched it
out (though I'm getting lots of strange bug reports about Ubuntu and
focus which people report go away with our tarballs, making me think
there's something amiss in their patches), and the bug is marked as an
FC5-updates blocker.  So, I'm guessing they'll take the patch (or hack
something else together) even if this isn't approved.  I'm not aware
of the situation in other distros but those are the big two shipping
with 2.14 right now that I know of.

So, I'd like to apply Ron Yorston's patch in bug 326159 to make a
focus_new_windows option, which simultaneously changes the default
behavior back to what it was in 2.12.  (I don't feel reverting the
default without adding the option isn't a good idea; there's no need
to punch the users in the face who have been requesting 'strict' focus
options for years and finally saw this bug'd just be too

Alternative ideas welcome.  I know this really, really sucks, and I
should be publicly whipped, but it seemed to be worth bringing up for
your consideration as I think not taking this is going to cause more
pain and bugs than breaking the freeze.


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