Re: Request for freeze break -- feature & string freeze for 2.14.x cycle


Le mercredi 12 avril 2006 �0:38 -0600, Elijah Newren a �it :
> So, I'd like to apply Ron Yorston's patch in bug 326159 to make a
> focus_new_windows option, which simultaneously changes the default
> behavior back to what it was in 2.12.  (I don't feel reverting the
> default without adding the option isn't a good idea; there's no need
> to punch the users in the face who have been requesting 'strict' focus
> options for years and finally saw this bug'd just be too
> cruel)
> Alternative ideas welcome.  I know this really, really sucks, and I
> should be publicly whipped, but it seemed to be worth bringing up for
> your consideration as I think not taking this is going to cause more
> pain and bugs than breaking the freeze.

Just wondering before giving an approval: what are the plans in the
future wrt to this? Do you plan to keep this option? Or do you think we
can have a better solution?

I believe it only affects the terminal, but there are mentions of other
apps in the bug, so I'm a bit lost here. Was it because users were still
using an old metacity with the first buggy version of the strict mode?

(I'll probably send a 2/2 anyway, since there's no reason to keep
something that everyone will patch out)


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