On mer, 2005-11-23 at 08:12 -0500, Joseph E. Sacco, PhD wrote:
> We generally do provide early access "garballs"[GAR tar balls] on a
> regular basis. 
> We have been transitioning our site to and are not quite
> there. Once *all* of the GARNOME maintainers have access to our stuff on
>, pre-release versions will be offered.
> For now, a pre-release version can be pulled down at any time from our
> CVS repository on

Well, what I'd like to see is an "official" pre-release of GARNOME so we
can have a lot of smoketesting before a GNOME release. Requiring our
users to get stuff from cvs is not so friendly. Let's take an example:

December 12: GNOME 2.13.3 tarballs due
December 13: GARNOME 2.13.3 preview release available
             people can test it (or can use the jhbuild modulesets made
             by the release team to smoketest the release) and report
             problems (if any)
December 14: GNOME 2.13.3 is out
             GARNOME 2.13.3 is out a few minutes later

I don't know how much work this would mean for GARNOME people, but I
would think it's more a matter of synchronizing what we're doing right
now than anything else.


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