Re: I want in!

On 11/7/05, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
> Le lundi 07 novembre 2005 à 14:24 -0500, Luis Villa a écrit :
> > I'd suggest that if Federico wants to come on board as an
> > automation/tools guy, he probably isn't really replacing anyone, and
> > he should be an addition rather than a replacement.  The key to
> > replacements, I think, is not to maintain the same number, but rather
> > to maintain the same responsbilities- for example, I would not want to
> > see murray leave without finding a new bindings guy (which it seems we
> > have).
> Talking about responsibilities, right now it seems the only document we
> have about this is the list of tasks on And it doesn't

Right, I'm not aware of any other page like; if any existed it was
well before my time.  :)

> talk about a bindings guy (IIRC). Should we add this responsibility
> there? Also, there was some discussions about having a release team
> member responsible for each moduleset. Do we need this?

It's not so much the need for an official bindings person, as it is
that we need at least one person on the team that is able to approve
freeze break requests (with the rest of us kind of just dog-piling and
say "well, Murray said okay, so I'll give 2 of 2" -- though it'd be
better if 2 of us that felt more confident approving such requests),
and who knows the rules for that release set and has sufficient
experience to help module authors with questions about what the rules
mean and so forth.

I've tried a little to become more qualified in that area, but quite
frankly I don't feel comfortable enough to handle such requests and
queries unless they are very simple ones.  (Granted, I'm not real
comfortable handling freeze break requests for desktop or platform
modules either.  It's just the  way things work that maintainers are
the experts and we're just trying to make sure the overall picture
looks safe and a little more uniform--but there's still a level of
difference between those sets and bindings for me)

But, as for your other question, it may make sense to have someone in
charge of each moduleset that does extra stuff to push it forward.  I
think Jeff was advocating this and had some ideas for it.  I'm not
completely sure what the tasks involved for such positions would be,


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