Re: I want in!

Le lundi 07 novembre 2005 �4:24 -0500, Luis Villa a �it :
> I'd suggest that if Federico wants to come on board as an
> automation/tools guy, he probably isn't really replacing anyone, and
> he should be an addition rather than a replacement.  The key to
> replacements, I think, is not to maintain the same number, but rather
> to maintain the same responsbilities- for example, I would not want to
> see murray leave without finding a new bindings guy (which it seems we
> have).

Talking about responsibilities, right now it seems the only document we
have about this is the list of tasks on And it doesn't
talk about a bindings guy (IIRC). Should we add this responsibility
there? Also, there was some discussions about having a release team
member responsible for each moduleset. Do we need this?


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