Re: GUADEC meeting

<quote who="Luis Villa">

> >  * Franchise the release process (I've been talking to the GNOME Office
> >  dudes and GPE about this, I'm sure there are other targets, but I just
> >  picked some nice ones to start with)
> No offense, Jeff, but you've been talking about this for nearly three
> years now. And promising a written discussion of the issue for exactly
> that long. I'm not waiting for you again. :)

Nothing about this is waiting for me, and the things I've talked about
writing up in the past were largely unrelated to this. I don't know if I've
been the only one pushing this, but I'm at least glad you're aware that it's
something I continue to think about.

> > You can see I'm thinking about ISVs at the same time as thinking about
> > the language issue. :-)
> Not unreasonable in general, though I fear that more complexity in
> answering 'what is gnome' is not really great.

I think these are orthogonal issues - we've been crap at explaining GNOME
for a while now because we've been in a "GNOME as product" phase. Now we
have to shift (back?) into a "GNOME as project" phase. This ends up being
fairly similar to how Apache has scaled/changed over the past few years.

- Jeff

GUADEC 2005: May 29th-31st                 
  We're kind of like Canada, only we hate ourselves more, and it's wetter
                             around the edges.

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