Re: Who does 2.12 Beta 2

<quote who="Elijah Newren">

> > Yeah, and run the signal-ftp-sync script.
> Okay, I'll take this next one.  And I'll write all this stuff into
> some kind of documentation to make it easier for others.

It's been documented a number of times on this mailing list (pre-wiki, so it
didn't end up living anywhere).

> > > [1] I'm really messed up on the versions thing.  Why does
> > > releng/tools/versions include some stuff (e.g.
> > > libxklavier and startup-notification)--aren't those external tarballs?
> > > (If not, why are they included when cairo isn't?)  Follow-up
> > > question--why is startup-notification on the list of modules on the
> > > wiki (note: libxklavier and cairo are not)?
> > 
> > Not sure.
> Anyone else?

They were once proposed as GNOME modules and accepted, thus they've been
included in every single release since. There is no fdo platform release
that we can depend on, so they have not been relegated to that and removed
from the GNOME suites.

- Jeff

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                         it..." - Havoc Pennington

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