Re: Who does 2.12 Beta 2

On 7/28/05, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:
> Would someone else like to do the 2.12 Beta 2 release on August 10th
> (tarballs due August 8th)? I'll be away from home at that time, and I'd
> like us to take turns anyway.

Well, I had volunteered to help with this last one, but I guess due to
timezone differences and all that it didn't really happen.  I think my
reading of the release_scripts and tweaking/documenting of them gave
me most the information, but could I get an overview/clarification
from you on the necessary steps?

My understanding of the steps so far:
  - Find out all the tarballs that are going to be in the release[1]
  - Find all the external dependency tarballs[1]
  - Build the entire set with garnome or jhbuild or whatever[2]
  - Create an updated versions file (releng/tools/versions in cvs)[1]
  - Log into window
  - Put the perl tarballs into a perl/ subdirectory of where-ever you're running
  - Run releng/tools/release_set_scripts/release-suites using the updated
    versions file
  - Run releng/tools/release_set_scripts/release-news for each of the release
    sets (desktop, platform, bindings) comparing the current release to the old
    one and save the output
  - Manually copy the NEWS output to the appropriate directory
  - Announce the release to devel-announce-list.  Find someone to approve the
    email so it's not stuck in the queue.

Also, I noticed you used metacity-2.11.0 instead of metacity-2.11.1
for the 2.11.90 release--any specific reasons, or just the expected
"it's a royal pain in the butt to update all versions and there are
errors when doing it by hand"?


[1] I'm really messed up on the versions thing.  Why does
releng/tools/versions include some stuff (e.g.
libxklavier and startup-notification)--aren't those external tarballs?
 (If not, why are they included when cairo isn't?)  Follow-up
question--why is startup-notification on the list of modules on the
wiki (note: libxklavier and cairo are not)?

[2] Any hints here in the steps needed to modify garnome would be appreciated.

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