Re: Delays with gnome-games

Le jeudi 14 juillet 2005 �3:20 +1200, Callum McKenzie a �it :
> This is to inform the release team that gnome-games is going to miss the
> feature freeze by about half a week. This is necessary to catch up with
> the bugzilla patch back-log cause by both the development machine failing
> and a series of connectivity failures over the last six weeks. I hope to
> finally make a 2.11.2 (and 2.10.2) release this weekend.
> The documentation team won't be affected by this since I am the
> documentation team for gnome-games and have kept it in sync.
> Similarly translation issues will be minimal because very few string
> changes are involved.
> I have had better than average testing of CVS this time around and feel
> confident that the lack of releases has not been a huge impediment to
> testing.
> Normal service has resumed.

Thanks for the information (and for your work on gnome-games :-)),

I suppose everyone is okay with this.



Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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