Re: proposed meeting [was Re: Assigned responsibilites, again]

On 7/13/05, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com> wrote:
> > I think people should start putting there names against some of these
> > tasks.
> I've put my name against a couple 'delegated' tasks, which I think we
> should do for all 'delegated' tasks.
> Now for the scary part... should we have a call or IRC meeting next
> week to get names next to all of these?

Sounds like a good idea to me, also:

Although the page mentions putting one name to each, I think it'd may
be good to have an official backup name for each while still having it
understood that the whole team and community are as involved as

As a slight tangent (though related), I'd like to be able to help out
with all the tasks if needed.  Most things I can just watch others do
it in order to learn, and last release cycle I asked tons of questions
about patch review, but that still leaves on thing out: making a
release.  Vincent also asked about this recently.  Is there any chance
I (and any others that want to know but don't yet, e.g. Vincent) could
be shown the steps for making a release, whether it be for the stable
or unstable series?  I'll volunteer to document it for future
reference.  ;-)


[1]  I know that I have frequent enough busy periods that signing up
for the often occuring items on the list (tarball nagging, showstopper
bug reminder, etc.) would result in multiple times per release cycle
where it becomes everyone elses responsiblity--which all too often
means no one's responsibility.  I think it'd help get things done
sooner, while someone from the everybody category could still jump in
if things are running a week or more late.  Examples of how it would
help: if I know I'm going to be busy, it gives me somebody to pick on
(er, delegate to) to help get tasks that I'm responsible for done more
quickly; I'd be less scared to sign my name to some of the tasks if
there's a backup or if I'm the backup; if I notice another task has
slid for a while without being done, as someone in the everybody
category I only need to get a hold of one of either of two people.

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