Re: Evince proposed module?

tor 2005-07-14 klockan 12:50 +0300 skrev Tommi Vainikainen:
> Hello,
> it is a bit unclear for me who and how it is decided what is included
> in the next GNOME release, and who can propose modules.

IIRC it's the GNOME Release Team that formally makes a decision, based
on community consensus. Modules are to be proposed for inclusion by
their maintainers on the desktop-devel-list during the module proposal

> Thus I'd like
> to know if Evince will be added to list of proposed modules or should
> it already be on that list? Will it also deprecate ggv and gpdf modules?

Honestly, I have no idea. The release team tracks the proposed modules
but I cannot find Evince mentioned on ...


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