Re: libgnome-desktop API addition request

On Sun, 30 Jan 2005 17:11:47 +0000, Mark McLoughlin <markmc redhat com> wrote:

> > So why are approvals needed then?  I thought approvals API
> > additions/changes were only needed for the developer platform and
> > bindings.  Was I mistaken?
>         I thought it applies to libraries in the Desktop too. And I think it
> makes sense if it does too ...

Another reason we need that list of expectations for modules in the
various releases, I guess.  :)

> > Two comments on the patch.  If an app doesn't call
> > gnome_desktop_item_set_launch_time(), then item->launch_time will be
> > uninitialized giving random results.  I believe it needs to be
> > initialized in gnome_desktop_item_new().
>         g_new0() :-) It'd be no harm to explicitly initialize it, I guess.

Oh, right.  I missed that somehow.

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