Re: Setting Window properties in Gtk3 (gi.repository) like Gdk.gdk.Window.property_change ?

Op 02/22/2017 om 06:53 PM schreef John Lane:
 Still the same result of it not being available for
So does that mean the only way is to do it with Python Xlib ?

For now I see now other way.
Is this something that may change or is being "unintrospectable" mean it
won't be possible ?

I do not know enough about these functions but introspection is critical
for language bindings. if the introspection is broken for these then it
is indeed better to skip them. Maybe the gtk-dev list can shed some
light on this and perhaps provide guidance on how to fix it. One options
may be to add static bindings like was done for g_spawn_async [1] but it
adds to the maintenance of pygobject which may not be worth the effort.



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