Re: Setting Window properties in Gtk3 (gi.repository) like Gdk.gdk.Window.property_change ?

Op 02/22/2017 om 04:15 PM schreef infirit:
At home now :-).

Op 02/22/2017 om 11:47 AM schreef John Lane:
This was changed to `_gdk_x11_window_change_property` in commit 166ff5e9
2010-12-17 00:00:01 (
That commit removed the annotation which afaik excludes it from any of
the bindings. Also it being prefixed with an underscore seems to
indicate it shouldn't be used any more.

Tracked down what is going on. That commit added a new
gdk_property_change function and it was properly annotated. However
commit 374e76a19dac87676995356f6daacb10f4bb6e36 [1] marked it to be
skipped with in the commit message these being "unintrospectable".
Introspection is used by gobject-introspection and all bindings like
PyGobject use that. Still the same result of it not being available for

Sorry for the spam :(



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