Re: Some PyGObject related news/updates

On Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 4:11 PM, John Ralls <jralls ceridwen us> wrote:
This doesn't make sense.

I'll try to clarify.

At least I consider the documentation and documentation generation to
be a part of the PyGObject "project" since it's hard to use without
and by "official" I meant that users, when finding the page, can
assume that it is managed by the same people as PyGObject. It might
not be visible by default, but I've added Simon and Garrett as admins
to the organization. And regarding the bus factor my thinking was that
in case I no longer care about the documentation they have admin
rights to those repos. I sadly can't move the api docs repo because
github pages does not support http redirects and all links would

Regarding the readthedocs documentation: I personally don't like wikis
for documentation as it doesn't allow for discussion about changes and
tends to accumulate lots of irrelevant and outdated infos. And since
having two different sites for the same project is confusing and I
consider the readthedocs one better now I've redirected it. Feedback

The reason I added Pycairo to the orga was that with multiple users
having access and PyGObject being one of few users of the Pycairo C
API there is a smaller chance that it gets unmaintained again in the
future. Another reason is that I was hoping that it would convince
people to take the fork seriously since there have been multiple fork
attempts over the last 6 years where pycairo has been unmaintained.

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