Some PyGObject related news/updates

Hey everyone,

* There now exists a "pygobject" [0] github organization containing repos
  related to everything Python + GObject related. My hope here is to make them
  look a bit more "official", give an overview of all the work happening, and
  to reduce the bus factor.

* The organization also contains a fork of pycairo which current pygobject
  master depends on. This means distros shipping GNOME 3.26 will likely be
  forced to upgrade to it (msys2 already does). If you had any problems with
  pycairo before please file a bug report, but there is a good chance that the
  last release [1] already contains a fix. There is ongoing work to adjust and pypi to reflect the upstream change and make this
  a bit more official.

* The PyGObject test suite now runs on Windows and macOS. Especially on
  Windows, using msys2, development is as simple as under Linux: clone, make,
  hack, make check, done. For 64bit Windows some changes from glib master are
  still required.

* The PyGObject test suite now runs with GTK+4: "make check
  TEST_GTK_VERSION=4.0". This should guarantee that at least the basics work
  and I encourage everyone brave enough to try GTK+4 to report any bugs you

* The PyGObject page [2] is now gone and things have been moved
  to I encourage everyone to contribute, be
  it through issues pointing out missing information or by improving the page.
  The page is also part of the afore-mentioned github orga.


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