Re: A few questions...

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 1:52 PM, Micah Carrick <micah quixotix com> wrote:
> I'm still primarily using Python 2.  Do we want to encourage new Python/GTK+
> developers to write code for Python 3?

Absolutely yes, py3k is the future and python 2 is a dead-end. J5
spared no expense in ensuring that the python 3 support is impeccable,
as I understand it. The only reason I haven't ported my own
application to 3 yet is that one of my (non-gtk-related) dependencies
doesn't support it (and it's also waiting for something it depends on
to be ported.... *sigh*).

Unfortunately I can't answer your other questions though.

BTW, your website often comes up in google searches when I'm stuck
with some python question or other. Thanks for that ;-)


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