Re: Type of GtkEntry text property

2012/6/19 Sebastian Pölsterl <sebp k-d-w org>:
> Am 19.06.2012 07:28, schrieb Martin Pitt:
>> Hello Manuel,
>>> >From IntrospectionPorting wiki page [1] this is one of the features of
>>> Overrides "Another important case is automatic data type conversion,
>>> most prominently to allow passing unicode objects to methods which
>>> expect an UTF-8 encoded gchar*. This also actually helps to prevent
>>> workarounds in application code and maintain a clean API".
>> Adding overrides for automatically converting unicode input values is
>> still fine. Changing return values is a no-go area (API break), please
>> see for a very
>> similar problem.
> Based on the discussions in this bug I created a page explaining the
> situation in python 2 and 3:

Having this well documented was the next thing I was going to ask.
Thanks Sebastian.

.. manuq ..

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