Re: pygobject for python3 for windows

On 10/06/2011 21:27, Dieter Verfaillie wrote:
> Well, the good news is it's already building the built-in .gir's
> and .typelib's. The bad news is I'm currently stuck on one of
> the test programs [4].

I've disabled the barapp related parts in for now
because gtester doesn't seem to be available in the glib binaries
from Yeah, I'm still using those. With that
change gobject-introspection builds. No idea if it actually
works but hey, progress :)

However, there's trouble keeping things up to date. Recently
gobject-instrospection raised it's dependency on glib to
version >= 2.29.7. Building glib-2.29.8 with's
toolchain no longer works due to recent changes in glib/gatomic.c.

That stuff is going waaay over my head, so I've reported it as a
Let's see where that leads us...


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