Re: What is the significance of pygtk.require('2.0')?

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 15:22, Dieter Verfaillie
<dieterv optionexplicit be> wrote:
> Quoting "Tomeu Vizoso" <tomeu vizoso collabora co uk>:
>> On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 14:13, Dieter Verfaillie
>> <dieterv optionexplicit be> wrote:
>>> If the proposed patch gets accepted, we will no longer be able to
>>> support parallel installed bindings for multiple libg* ABI
>>> versions for a single python version -> ie what happens when we
>>> get libgtk+-4.0 (and 5.0, etc) and some pyg* application uses API
>>> from the older libgtk+-3.X version that has been removed from the
>>> newer version?
>> Well, not really for gtk+ because gobject-introspection provides its
>> own way of choosing which version to load:
>> from gi.repository import Gtk
>> Gtk.require_version('3.0')
> Aaah, I see it now, its in gi/ :)
>> Now, when glib breaks API compatibility, then we would need something
>> like this for parallel installation,
> In that case could it be as simple as import gi2 and the day
> glib has to break, import gi3?

That's one way, the other is having them in a directory as pygtk used to.



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