Re: pygi's style

On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 23:12, Steve Frécinaux <code istique net> wrote:
>> git help blame
>>        -w
>>            Ignore whitespace when comparing the parent's version and the
>>            child's to find where the lines came from.
> Please note that indent not only changes whitespace but can also add line
> ends from place to place.
> Maybe we'd be better off just doing a sed -e 's/\t/        /g' -e 's/\s*$//'
> instead if the parens and bracket usage is already consistent in the code.

The problem is that little is consistent in the code. The good news is
that we have been following mostly two styles.

I will see about first applying white space fixes that don't hurt git
blame -w, then the changes that do affect it.

If we get to a consistent state, we can add the git hook and forget
about all this.



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