Re: pygi's style

On May 25, 2010, at 01:42 PM, Zachary Goldberg wrote:

>I'm pretty strongly opposed to doing this.  I think git blame is
>immensely valuable (so you know who to ask questions) and nuking 30%
>of that ability is pretty serious.  Especially since we have so many
>people working on pygi it is very nice to use git blame to find out
>who to ask questions to when you don't understand how something works.

OTOH, if the code base is relatively young (IOW, there's a lot more code to be
written than has already been written), it's *much* easier to level set some
consistency earlier than it is later.  In python-dev, we have been talking
about re-indenting the C code to 4 space indents for at least a decade.  I
really wish we'd done it sooner, but just a few weeks ago, someone finally bit
the bullet and did the deed on the py3k branch.  Yes 'blame' (svn in this
case) gets more opaque, but such is life, and it will self-correct over time.
I don't know enough about git, but shouldn't it still be possible, if a little
less convenient, to find out the history of changes for a particular piece of
source code?


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