Re: [Planner] Hi all and first question

I've planner in spanish so you must go to Proyecto (maybe Project in
english) and then Gestion de calendarios. In this window you can click
in Semana predeterminada so you can choose the day of the week and the
status of that day (working or non-working)

I hope this help


El jue, 16-12-2004 a las 12:05 +0100, Daniel Payno escribió:
> Hi,
> I'm new to using project management sw. I'm very keen on being able to
> use planner, but i've encountered a problem.
> It seems that i've been unable to customize properly my plan calendar,
> for i need to compute every single hour of every single day of the
> week (mainly, including Saturday and Sunday).
> I've been able to define the working hours correctly to accomplish
> this (00:01-23:59 basically), but I can't seem to find a place where i
> could define the 'working days' as not only monday-friday, but
> sunday-saturday.
> Could I redefine this easily in the sources? if i could build me a
> customized planner from the sources accomplishing this, that would do
> it :)
> Any suggestion will be gladly read.
> --
>       Daniel Payno
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