Re: Changing XLS Code to Test

On Sun, Mar 08, 2009 at 01:09:40PM -0300, Mario Mol wrote:
> i'm trying to fix a bug. about a html export problem. So i'm trying to fix
> using planner2html.xsl and html1_gantt.xsl.
> I've tryied to delete some lines just to check if is changing something when
> exporting but nothing different happens.

You must run make install to install everything in the right location,
which could be ~/local for instance if you've passed
--prefix=${HOME}/local to It's probably best to also remove
the version of planner installed by your package manager, otherwise the
executable you built may be getting its libraries from the other

Let me know if this changes anything.

Also you can run xsltproc directly if you are testing export
functionality. Run it like this: xsltproc planner2html.xsl file.planner


Maurice van der Pot

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