Easy editing of tasks (was: Re: GtkGrid or GtkTreeView and start-editing)

I'm sending this message here so it will be archived. 

Since I started using Planner I've thought that editing tasks should be
more like editing in a spreadsheet. You should be able to use just the
keyboard to jump around between the columns and rows, edit cells, use a
single keypress while editing to move to a neighbouring field, etc.

I found out that Lorenzo Gil Sanchez had been working on a GTK+ widget
that provided just this functionality. Unfortunately that was back in
2005 and his patches never made it into GTK+. Apparently the accepted
way for doing this nowadays is using the start-editing on the renderers.

See here for the full story: http://www.advogato.org/person/lgs/

I sent him a message to ask for further details, because I couldn't
figure out how this signal would help me. Both my message and his reply
can be found below.

To this date nothing has been changed on this front in planner, but to
make sure that this information is available for anyone who wants to
work on it, I'm posting it here.


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Subject: Re: GtkGrid or GtkTreeView and start-editing
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Hi Maurice,

I'm sorry, but I don't do GTK+ development anymore and I can't remember
the exact details of how to do what you need. I just can remember what
you already know, they added the 'start-editing' signal to have a hook
about when to start editing a cell on a tree view.

If I remember correctly they did it for the FileChooser code. Try taking
a look at its code.

Sorry for not helping so much.


El sáb, 08-09-2007 a las 20:40 +0200, Maurice van der Pot escribió:
> Hi Lorenzo,
> For a time I have been looking for a way to make editing of tasks easier
> in Gnome planner. Gnome planner is currently using a GtkTreeView.
> I don't have much experience with GTK+ internals, so I'm hoping you
> could point me in the right direction.
> You mentioned in a blog post in 2005 that 2.6 introduced a start-editing
> signal that can be used to solve the same problem your GtkGrid did.
> Do you have some more detailed information on how to go about it?
> Thanks,
> Maurice.

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Maurice van der Pot

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