Re: How do we define "fixed duration"?

Maurice van der Pot wrote:
I've sent a mail to the submitter of the bug and this was his reply:

Thanks for the summary, I wasn't on the list when I sent my reply.  I am now. :-)

The way I see it we now already have 2 different situations:

1) a task that will go on no matter what (e.g. drying of paint).
It needs to continue during weekends, nights, etc.
2) an activity for which a certain amount of time is alotted. People
   will be assigned to participate for a certain percentage of their
   time (nr of units).

   We should take the number of hours in a day from the project

   In this case we can calculate work to be the total sum of units spent
   by all assigned resources during this period. If either the nr of
   units for a resource or the duration is modified, we should
   recalculate work. We should probably make work read-only (!).

Yes, excellent summary.  This is precisely my thinking as well.

Are there more types? Kurt, you suggested a task to be done during
curing of concrete, but isn't that more of a finish-to-finish
relationship between the work and the curing?

What I'm looking for is a type of task for which duration & work have
been filled in by the user and for which units should be recalculated.
I'm hoping there is no such task.

I'm not sure if this kind of task is that useful, given that you can enter in the amount of work in a regular task, and adjust resources to match your expectation of its duration... Of course, this assumes that we haven't read the Mythical Man Month. ;-)


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