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Richard Hult kirjoitti:
Sam Liddicott wrote:

Sorry to resurrect and old thread but...

Richard Hult wrote:

This is the weak point I guess. It would be really great to get rid of the X dependency and use the win32 backend for GTK+ instead. I don't think we should commit this on HEAD since having to use an X server reduces the use pretty much in my opinion. We could put it in a branch to keep track of the patch and make it easier to work on it.

Do you have any idea if it's possible to do a mix and match here and use cygwin for some parts but not have to use X?

Yes, Use wxWidgets.
On unix wxWidgets prefers to use GTK as the underlying widget set, under win32 it prefers to use the native windows widgets.

We're definitly not going to port Planner to another toolkit, and a different language as well :)

Definitely. Unless there is really good reason to do rewrite... =)

It's a lot easier and faster to get a native GTK+ running, I'm sure of that. We just need someone to do it, abstract away the Unixisms and implement those bits for a Windows version. The problem right now is a lack of resources, which wouldn't be helped by rewriting the whole thing.

Yes, specially there is already non X GTK that works, but it is not part of standard Cygwin installation. And something that is not part of standard Cygwin installation makes life difficult since it will create problems.

First someone has to persue Cygwin-people to make it available... Maybe most problematic thing is to have two libs, one for native stuff and one for X stuff...

Well what comes to Cygwin it's still PITA to install... I'm rather waiting that CoLinux could solve at least some of problems since nevest CVS versions have built-in FB support, that you can run full-featured Linux inside Windoze... So it will remove immediate need for any ports...

For myself I've planned to make actually Planner compatible .NET based tool that is meant to run under windoze...


Jani Tiainen

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