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Jani Tiainen wrote:
Jani Tiainen wrote:

Jani Tiainen wrote:

Bug 151730: Toolbar buttons unavailable after indenting a task


It actually destroyed selection and blocked selection change signal. If signal was unblocked it selected first (in reverse order I guess) item only.

Now it selects all items that were selected, despite the fact were they intended or not.

Indent/undent still works in a pretty unpredictable way when you have multiple tasks selected that are not grouped together. That should be fixed in the future so that you can't even try indent in such a cases.

Other notes:

GUI should really reflect state of selections. Now it has many options available that is purely impossible, like indent/unindent in cases where it is not even possible. It looks like not polished.

This also sometimes creates unwanted indents/unindents if many tasks are selected...

I found interesting feature:

Apparently you can now create loops, which cause bizarre output in view and sometimes lockup.

I'm not sure does it have something to do with blocking signal or not but something apparently broke...

This doesn't happen on 0.12.1, it always says that "Can not move the task, since it would result in a loop." but after applying my "fix" this is possible in some cases...

I suspect that check is done in "wrong order", so first it tries to indent, after indent it checks is everything OK, if not it reverts changes and for some strange reason it is ruined if signal is fired...

I'll investigate this later and see what I can do.

Well, I found out that for some (unknown to me) reason if you don't block changed signal it screws loop checking. I only added blocking around for-loop that indents tasks, now it works as supposed - exception that if you have multiple tasks that can't be indented (moved) it displays error for both, but you can't tell which caused error...

System should foresee that indentation is not possible and disable button, or at least stop before it moves anything.


Jani Tiainen

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