Re: [Planner Dev] libgda not found trying to build with db support

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 12:44, Kurt Maute wrote:
> Hi All,
> I seem to be ok now compiling a plain vanilla planner from cvs, but when
> I try to do it with db support:
>  ./ --enable-gda
> It tells me it can't find libgda, and that I should add the directory
> containing libgda.pc to PKG_CONFIG_PATH.  All very well and good, but I
> don't seem to have a libgda.pc on my system (I did a find / -name
> libgda.pc).
> When I check:
> rpm -q libgda
> I've got:
> libgda-1.0.2-1
> So what's the deal here?  Maybe the RPM I installed libgda with is less
> than perfect?

Like almost every package distributed as rpms, libgda will have both a
runtime and a developer package. The package you have installed is the
runtime package, which includes the shared library that programs uses at
run time. The libgda-devel package is also required, since it supplies
header files, *.pc files and a few other things required to build
packages that use


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