Re: [Planner Dev] Testing group undo ( assertion `PLANNER_IS_LIST_MODEL (model)' failed )

Is bugzilla better to track this or just the mailing list ?.

(I'm using ddd i.e. ddd planner to get the tracing errors. ddd
seems OK - a bit cantankerous but does the job. Anyone know a
better gui for gdb ?. )

Problem 1.
Click Resources ICON
Click Group ICON
Click Add button
Give group name of Group1 and check as default
Close dialog.

Then Undo Default Group
Then Undo Edit Group Property

and you get (from DDD GDB point of view).....

(planner:31891): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid cast from `GdkPixbuf' to `GtkTreeModel'

(planner:31891): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid cast from `GdkPixbuf' to `PlannerListModel'

(planner:31891): Planner-CRITICAL **: file planner-list-model.c: line 490 (planner_list_model_get_path): assertion `PLANNER_IS_LIST_MODEL (model)' failed

It doesn't seg fault here but the assertion `PLANNER_IS_LIST_MODEL (model)' failed always happens.

Problem 2.  !! this is resource one so you probably
haven't finished code yet.
Insert a resource.
Give it a name,
Do Undo Edit Resource Property
   Undo Insert Resource

Then Redo Insert Resource
 Redo Edit Resource Property

 and you'll find the Resource name is missing.
 Funny  thing being if you do simply Undo Edit Resource Property,
 Redo Edit Resource Property it keeps it there so sound like
 something isn't being remembered exactly right.

Alvaro del Castillo wrote:

Hi guys!

We have finished the group undo work and now, as undo/redo system is
very young code, we will love some testing before releases with this

If you are using Planner from CVS, please play a little with group
undo/redo. It is easy:

- Go to the resources view
- Push over the group button
- Add/remove/modify properties from a group
- Try to undo/redo all the commands you can do as a user.

We continue with the work in resources now. The plan is that every thing
that a user can do with Planner, could be undo.



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