Re: [Planner Dev] What does GTK_DOC_CHECK(1.0) at line 28 in actually do ?.

Richard Hult wrote:

tis 2004-02-10 klockan 08.20 skrev lincoln phipps openmutual net:


Whats with GTK_DOC_CHECK(1.0) ? Is there something I have
to install for this line to work ?.

gtk-doc, which is the api reference documentation framework we use for
documenting libplanner.

Thanks Richard - I added gtk-doc to my system OK and then no
problems with or configure. (rpm -ivh gtk-doc-1.1-3mdk.noarch.rpm )

Maybe need to test for gtk-doc at build time or just add a
note to developer documentation ?

(Gtk-doc had usual few dependancies i.e. I added, libxslt-proc-1.0.33-1mdk.i586.rpm


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