Re: [Planner Dev] More features for the e-d-s plugin (Search, select all ...)


> > We can take UI decissions when you play a little with the plugin. I find
> > it easy to use and intuitive, but you know, more people need to take
> > with it to get a complete scenario about GUI things.
> Yeah, we can probably work out the GUI once the code is in place.
> I'm wondering though, if it's not better to have just one plugin for e-
> d-s, you can still split the functionality in different files and menu
> items etc.

Yesterday, in one moment, I have a status bar in the dialog window and I
started to think if I really need a Dialog windows or a whole new
window. The search field with buttons start to seem like a complete
"toolbar" ... so I think you are right. We need a new window for the eds
plugin with menus, toolbar .... and we can have one plugin for all the
features from e-d-s :)

Is these what you were thinking?


-- Alvaro

> /Richard

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