Re: [Planner Dev] re: Remembering Tree State

fre 2003-12-19 klockan 00.41 skrev Robert Woolley:

> > I'd suggest the approach of having a "status" file maintained by the
> > application that remembers these kinds of things.  Also, let the user
> > configure how long they would like the application to remember various
> > states.
> This might be a crazy idea, but what about an XSL file generated bu
> Planner to store the state info?  You could combine the XSL with the
> Planner XML file when you load it up to get the "XML document" with
> state included.  

The gui parts doesn't know anything about the xml tree and the backend
doesn't know anything about gui state. Long-term, it would be good to
have a framework in place for storing gui specific data in the project
file. For multiuser setups we should make sure that the database backend
is usable instead.

It would be nice to remember state for 1.0 actually, since it's quite
annoying to have to expand/collapse a huge project manually every time
it is opened. Likewise for zoom level and scroll position.

I added a bug for this:

Is anyone interested in taking a look at this?


Richard Hult                    richard imendio com

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